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Instead of answering allegations, Shehla Rashid decides to run away from a live show, calls her father ‘greedy’

Earlier, Shehla Rashid's father had accused his daughter of being involved in anti-national activities and said his life is under threat.

Shehla Rashid, JNU student leader, has been accused by her biological father Abdul Rashid Shora, of taking Rs 3 crore from terror funding accused Zahoor Vatali and Rashid Engineer. During an interview with journalist Vikas Bhadauria on ABP News, Shehla had a telephonic conversation with her father. Still, instead of answering tough questions, she decided to run away from the show and disconnected the call.

Shehla disconnected the call after 9:50

Shehla Rashid’s father said that he had written a letter to RAW explaining what she did after 2017. He said the problem started when she decided to enter the politics of Jammu and Kashmir as he had decided to take a u-turn in his political career. Rashid alleged that everything was planned in the US. To silent him, a case of domestic violence was registered against him.

Necessary to find out how far Shehla Rashid is involved in illegal activities

Shehla Rashid’s father said it is necessary to find out how far Shehla Rashid is involved in illegal activities. After the initial conversation with her father, Shehla also joined the show. She was asked about the allegations her father had made against her. She said there is no case against her, but warrants have already been issued against her father in an ongoing case of domestic abuse. She alleged that Rashid was kicked out of the house by the locals due to violence and abuse with the family.

Shehla urged the journalist to ask his father why he used to beat his wife and throw her out of the house. She described her father as a ‘greedy person’ and said that anyone could make allegations, but there is no evidence against her. She said if she alleges that anchor Vikas Bhadauria has murdered his editor, will that be a case against him.

Shehla alleged domestic abuse

Shehla claimed that when they were young, her father used to throw them out of the house, that too at 9 in the night. “With what right is he speaking? What school did we study, what was our school uniform, where did we pay our fee and where did we buy books – he doesn’t know anything. His presence our life is only to disturb us,” she alleged.

She alleged that when her mother built a new house, he reached there and started asking source of funds used to build the house. Reacting to the allegations, Rashid asked Shehla about details with whom she left Jammu and Kashmir for the first time, to visit Delhi and Jalandhar to complete her studies. However, Shehla refused to answer his question. She then said she does not want to debate the show, and everything will be resolved in the court.

Shehla tried to divert attention from allegations

In the interview with ABP News, in a bid to divert attention from allegations levelled by her father, Shehla started talking about court cases. ABP’s Bhadauria interrupted Shehla and told her that if she is refusing to answer the allegations and questions, it will be assumed that is she is running away from the questions. Shehla kept repeating that she would only answer in the court, and then she disconnected the call.

However, before disconnecting the call, she asked her father why he had met terrorist-funding accused Zahoor Vatali. Rashid said that his daughter is misleading the press, and he will present evidence.

Earlier, Rashid had said, he is facing death threats from his own daughter. As per local news reports, in his letter to the DGP, Shora threw light on his daughter’s “notorious activities” and urged the Jammu and Kashmir police to investigate her bank accounts as well as the property acquired by her in New Delhi, her email accounts and her mysterious financial dealings.

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